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This is Spartans Atlas Stones take on the ever more popular dinnie stones, a great way of training if you’re thinking of going for the original Dinnies, the large stone being a 21" stone weighing 188kg and the smaller stone 18" weighing 144kg, the stones come with a top fixing loop in them ready for you to attach your own lifting rings easily. They can be yours for Just £240 + Delivery.


The dinnie lift stones can be made into any weight of your choice, for a quote please contact us via the contact page.


At Spartan Atlas Stones all of our stones are made with our specially designed reinforced concrete, making our stones a market leader in the StrongMan industry.

We guarantee our stones are within 2kg of the stated weight, and have been successfully drop tested from a 10ft platform. We coat each stone with two coats of concrete sealer to improve the finish and durability.

All of our stones are made to order and generally take 4 weeks from casting to delivery. We ship all stones via 48 hour pallet delivery at £85 mainland UK flat rate shipping and covers up to 5 stones with a total combined weight of 750kg.

(please contact us prior to order to recieve a quotation for scottish highlands and off mainland britain. This can be done via the contact page.)


please note we can fit upto 5 stones on a pallet with a maximum weight of 750kg so ordering in bulk, or spitting delivery with a friend may help you save money on your order.We also welcome collections from Spartan's Wrexham Base.

Spartan Dinnie Lift Stones

SKU: 0009
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